Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hooray and Hallelujah!  If you followed my story on Gilbert Colegrove back in January, 2013, I am jubilant to report that Gilbert will finally have his memorial service this Thursday, October 9.  I had dropped the ball on the memorial service for a variety of reasons.  Then in April, I was contacted by Rev. Dr. Herbert J. Hedstrom, who had found my blog and read my story on Gilbert.  He first met Gilbert many years ago in Elgin, IL when visited by Gil at his church in Elgin, IL.  After Gil relocated to Des Moines they remained in contact. Reverend Hedstrom sent me an email to ask about a memorial service and I told him I already had tentative arrangements with Rev. Dr. David Ruhe of Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines.  Reverend Hedstrom indicated he would like to be a part of any planned memorials.  Hallelujah.  Emails passed back and forth and then my Mom went into hospice in May and once again it was put on the back burner. The week after my Mother died, Reverend Ruhe approached me in the back of the church after the service and asked if we were going to proceed with the memorial service.  Everything fell into place.  Reverend Hedstrom and his wife will come to town and both he and Reverend Ruhe will officiate at the Memorial Service and Gilbert's cremains will be laid to rest in the Memorial Garden at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ.  The date of the service is October 9, 2014......the day my Mother would have been 93.  I am always amazed at how God works in our lives and takes care of all of us.  His presence, love and comfort is around us and available to us always. This did not all come together by chance.  So if you think about it, please say a prayer for Gilbert on Thursday morning at 9:30.  A day that would have been a sad day for me will now be joyful.  I would also like to think that my Mom had a nudge in all of this as well, as her Faith was paramount in her life. 

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