Saturday, January 21, 2012

My find today at the Old Summit Country Antique Show in Lee's Summit, KS.  It is an old candy box from Emery, Bird, Thayer Co., a department store which used to exist in downtown Kansas City....according to my friends and local residents, Daniel & Joel.  I am such a sucker for vintage graphics and this contains evreything I love.....a little girl in a nautical style dress, box of chocolates, teddy bear, book and train.  Such a fabulous find! 

I had a great road trip today with my friend, fellow teddy bear artist and traveling partner, Peggy Fleming.  Peggy's husband dubbed us 'Lucy & Ethel' years ago,  because whenever we would head out to drive to a teddy bear show, at least once along the way we would get sidetracked due to excessive talking and limited paying attention to road signs.  Of course, this was back before the days of GPS devices.  Even with a GPS, we discovered the hard way that they aren't very effective when you have them on mute.  Our road trips are always good for lots of laughs. 

Who is Lucy and who is Ethel, you ask?  Lucy is always the person driving.